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It doesn’t really matter if you liked our debut album or not. It doesn’t even matter if you heard it earlier. The second milestone on our headbanging journey is gonna leave you stunned and spellbound because we’ve brought more of everything here at the same time. We’ve never been as agressive as here, but also we’ve never been as melodic. We’ve expanded our metal experience in all directions simultaneously: from the grooving hit singles to the epic progressive operatics!

Stop that blaming spree, oppression pendulum ain't a way to equality
Life will praise what is done by means of death but now you're on killing bed
We'll try to hold the scattering sand — human existence's slipping ashes
Cry out or dry out, in vain is any help: living for others or dying for yourself
While a Whale is Whole
Sewn shut eyes of Themis gazing at the morass of our law and order
For the greater good must killer be killed — bloodfed benefit
Gunpowder Suite
When you wish upon a faded star you only get a shade of foul desire
Misery on Me
The darkest matter is revealed to be the very source of light
The Grand Perfection
God blesses to rule the new god in the name of justice
We the Feeble
System has failed, panic has started, access denied, life torn apart